By Zach Anderson

Pope County may pass on ownership of the tax-forfeited Fremad building in downtown Glenwood if interested buyers step forward during the public auction process.

The Pope County Board of commissioners last week approved putting the building up for public sale for $10,000 plus expenses determined by the auditor/treasurer.

County Coordinator Kersten Kappmeyer presented the board some options for the building, with the board favoring an open sale through the auditor’s/treasurer’s office by bids.

Kappmeyer said the land was valued at $45,000 and that the county sent the city of Glenwood a notice in 2014 asking if they wanted to take ownership of the property. The city declined to take ownership at that point.

Commissioner Gordy Wagner asked if the county had to sell it for its appraised value.

Kappmeyer said that it didn’t have to be sold for the appraised value.

Kappmeyer mentioned when the county sold the Culligan building, they sold it for $1, plus $900 some dollars for fencing/etc and a $25,000 escrow.

The board will set a date for the sale at one of its December board meetings, it was decided.

In other action, the board:

• Approved the appointment of Jason Rupp to the Pope County Housing and Redevelopment Authority with Economic Development powers (HRA/EDA) board. Rupp is taking over the vacant position left by Dorothy Gaffaney, who resigned in June 2017. Rupp will serve the remaining term, which expires on Dec. 31, 2019.

• Approved the Pope County Riparian Buffer Enforcement ordinance. In June of 2017, the board took action to notify Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) that Pope County would enforce the provisions of the law at the local level. As a result of the accepting the responsibility to enforce the law, Pope County will remain eligible for Riparian Aid funding. The funding total for 2017 is $116,495 and for 2018 it is scheduled to be $145,619.

• Approved the five-year capital improvement plan.

• Approved borrowing money from fund 31 to finish the courthouse camera project. $35,336 will be borrowed to finish the project.

• Approved the 2018 Glenwood complete streets project cooperative agreement. County Engineer Brian Giese said the city made a few modifications in the agreement that were between it and the state, mostly dealing with storm sewer wording.

• Authorized the chair to sign the courthouse bathroom remodel contract with Architect Klein McCarthy as presented.

• Approved the 2018/2019 feedlot workplan. The workplan focuses on re-registration of existing feedlots, management of feedlots within shoreland areas, oversight of the spreading of manure on frozen ground and nutrient management review.

• Approved a renewal application for a 3.2 on sale beer license for Rodina Golf Course.

• Approved the payment of bills  of $317,570.10 plus supplemental bills of $9,188.47 for a total of $326,758.57.

• Approved the payment of human services bills in the amount of $113,498.88.