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A prediction:  Lake should be ice free this week

The signs of spring are all around these days.  The ice is slowly disintegrating and will likely be off Lake Minnewaska sometime this week.  Reader Phyllis Swedenburg called in last week to tell us that the robins have returned to the area.  Waterfowl can be seen in the air and on open water as area sloughs and wetlands heat up.  And in the morning, birds can be heard singing, something that we donít hear much of during the cold winter months.

And, the Minnesota Twins open the regular season one week from today.

This week, the weather forecast is for warming temperatures, in the 50s and 60s, and ice on all area lakes is receding and that time between ice angling and open-water angling is nearly over.

All that gives most of us a tinge of spring fever.  While living in Minnesota can be a challenge during the winter months, it does make us appreciate spring and summer.  

         * * * *

A reader called in last week and suggested that the ice would likely be off of Lake Minnewaska by Friday.  
Although much of the lake was ice free on Monday morning, there remained some stubborn ice sheets in the middle and in the bays.

It wonít be long now, however.  With temperatures predicted to hit the 60s tomorrow, Weíre predicting that March 28 or 29 will be the first ice-free day for Lake Minnewaska.

The Pope County Tribune, with the help of others in the early 1900s, has been recording the first ice-free day on Lake Minnewaska since 1906.

Readers can view that history on page 3A of this issue and we will include it on our webpage when the lake is completely open later this week, we hope.

Once the ice is gone, all of us can get on with spring, getting boats out of storage and preparing for spring yard work, gardening and other activities that we canít do during the long winter months.

The Starbuck Times
The Starbuck Times