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Another step in making local bike trail a reality

The design of a proposed multi-level off-road bicycle trail at Barsness Park in Glenwood should get underway soon.  

Last week, the Glenwood Rotary Club was notified that it secured a matching grant from the Rotary Foundation to help finance the design work.  Once that is completed, work can begin in earnest building the trails.

There was a small twist in the process last week when the city of Glenwood approved an archeological study in the park.  That information, however, will be included in the trail design and shouldn’t alter anything unless specific burial grounds are found in the park.

Anyway, back to the bike trail.  Glenwood residents will be hearing much more about the trail in the coming months as fundraising efforts continue to develop a trail that can utilize the beauty of the park and make Glenwood a destination for off-road biking in this state.

The benefits of such a trail, or series of trails based on difficulty, can be substantial for the community and this area.  Bike enthusiasts from our community, as well as those from all over the state, visit trails like the one proposed at Barsness Park.  That would mean economic benefits to the commuhnity, where people come to bike, but also to camp, seek lodging, supplies, gas and visit local restaruants and stores.

A little more about the proposed trail

It would be unobtrusive, with low environmental impact, and doesn’t require paving or even much space, according to Tom Haus and Jim Beck, two of the local bike club representatives who are working to make the trail a reality.  In addition, once built, there is not much maintenance at all because the tracks are self-sustaining through use.  Off road bike trails are sought by bicyclists because the are safe, and allow bikers of all ages to enjoy the quiet and the natural beauty around them, it was explained.

And the health benefits of biking in a safe and beauiful environment really don’t need to be listed here.  Anything that gets adults and children out of the house, away from digital gadgets and doing something physical, is a benefit.

The Starbuck Times
The Starbuck Times