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Local News Briefs


Remembering the first Waterama

It’s 1956, the year of the first Waterama festival.

The late Jim Stradtman, well-known local businessman and pharmacist, was working at Corner Drug, and it was there that he was approached for ideas starting a new water festival for the town.

“Jim had a friend in Detroit Lakes, and they had a water festival, so they would go up to visit him and talk about different ideas for a festival in Glenwood,” said Marian Stradtman. Marian Stradtman, who continues to live in Glenwood, was 25 years old when she and her husband, Jim, moved to Glenwood. She talked this week about some of her memories from the first years of Waterama.  read entire story. . . .

Hundreds cheer on Children’s Theatre production of Peter Pan

For the past 18 years, Terrace Mill has brought entertainment to people of all ages through their yearly Children’s Theatre.  read entire story. . . .

Showstoppers will have you sending up a prayer

The nuns are at it again at Mount Saint Helen’s School, and they’re here to give you a show. Having caught the show biz bug, the sisters are eager to perform – maybe a little too eager – as they believe a Disney talent scout has come to see their latest performance.  read entire story. . . .

Potential Pet Poisons

This article is going to outline five of the top categories for pet poisons that you should be aware of.
 read entire story. . . .

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