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Minnewaska sports is looking good

If you’ve attended any outdoor sports at Minnewaska over the past few years, you noticed some unsightly wear and tear on some of the 25-year old surfaces.

The tennis courts had become unusable and forced the girls’ tennis team to play home matches in Alexandria last year. The track wasn’t as bad, but still looked its age. The baseball and football surfaces looked good, thanks to the fine work of Chris Bennes, but still needed work because of age and some problems that stemmed from the original layout done 25 years ago.

The Minnewaska football team also had to play home games in Alexandria last year, but it was because of construction on the football and baseball fields. It appears likely that the football field will eventually have artificial turf, which will add to the good looks of the current Minnewaska facilities.

Additionaly, with the face lift on the Minnewaska school building, the entire campus is looking good. Plenty of money, both private and public, went into all the repairs and improvements on the Minnewaska facilities. Take a moment to notice  the upgrades when attending an event this spring. They’re hard to miss and easy to love!

Photos by Mark Beasley

The Starbuck Times
The Starbuck Times