Photos by Tim Douglass and Celeste Rapp

The L. Emahsier building was demolished on Tuesday, Nov. 26. The building was the site of businesses such as 5th Street Fashion and Tanning, Lyn’s Café, Mayme’s Café and Women’s Ready to Wear shop. Agnes Brenden purchased the building in 1951 to house her Women’s Ready to Wear shop, which was in operation until 1978. The building was also a barber shop and shoe shop until 1955. In 1978, Mayme Sabolich purchased the building and converted it into Mayme’s Café. After that, the building was the site of Lyn’s Café, and most recently was the site of 5th Street Fashion and Tanning. Donald Samuelson of Samuelson’s Drug purchased the building from Nika Blair of 5th Street Fashion and Tanning. Samuelson is planning on converting the plat into a larger parking lot with a sidewalk and greenery space next to Samuelson’s Drug.