For COVID-19 Preparedness, Glacial Ridge Hospital and clinics have implemented a new procedure if you are feeling ill, recommended by CDC protocols. 

Those who are experiencing respiratory symptoms must call before going to one of the clinics or the Emergency Room (ER).  A dedicated phone line has been set up for this purpose only. The number to call is 320.334.5481. A nurse will ask questions about your symptoms and give you further instructions.

Tele-Health video clinic visits allow patients the opportunity to connect with a health care provider from home. Patients can opt to use Tele-Health for any non-complex clinical concern, including COVID-19 concerns. Call Glenwood Medical Center at 320.634.5157, Starbuck Medical Center at 320.239.2200, or Brooten Medical Center at 320.346.2272 to make an appointment for the Tele-Health video visit. At your appointment time you will get an email from your provider to connect you to the Backline® system. Instructions for patients can be found on the website at

Vistors restricted 

Glacial Ridge Hospital and Ridgewood Villa are restricting all visitors at this time to limit unintentionally exposing other people to influenza or other viruses. Thank you for adhering to this procedure for the duration of the COVID-19 threat. As always, call 911 in an emergency.  Anticipate emergency personnel to be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) when responding to your call. They wear this on all calls as a precaution to help protect everyone from exposure to the coronavirus.

For up-to-date information about COVID-19, go to and a link to the CDC website and Minnesota Department of Health hotline is provided.