The Major League Baseball season will finally start after weeks of negotiations. The final agreement is for a 60-game regular season schedule after a brief “second spring training,” that will begin on July 1.

The season will start on July 23 with 40 games against division foes and 20 against teams from the other league’s similar division. The Twins will play 40 against the AL Central and 20 against NL Central teams.

One of the bigger changes will be adopting the Designated Hitter in both leagues. It’s believed that the next collective bargaining agreement would include the DH, so it will be a good test run for both leagues.

Another big rules change is that extra innings will start with a runner on second base. It’s been experimented with in the minors but will be tried at the major league level during this short season. It will not be used in the postseason. And if the runner scores, it will be an unearned run for the pitcher.

The schedule is still pending, but it appears the wait for Major League baseball will soon be over.

According to various reports, teams will be allowed to have up to 60 players in the second “spring training.” Regular-season rosters are expected to be capped at 30 to begin before shrinking to 28 then 26, with leftover players forming a taxi squad. Three taxi squad players will be allowed to travel with the team, but one has to be a catcher. The trade deadline will be Aug. 31. Players have to be on a major league roster by Sept. 15 to be eligible for the postseason.