Please take notice that on the 17th day of November, 2020 at 1:00 p.m., the Pope County Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing for the purpose of accepting testimony with regard designation of acceptable solid waste generated in Pope County for delivery to the Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management (“PDSWM”) Resource Recovery Facility (“Facility”) located in Alexandria, Minnesota.

This meeting will be held concurrently with a meeting of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners for the same purpose. The selected meeting site is at the Douglas County Public Works Meeting Room, 526 Willow Drive, Alexandria, Minnesota 56308.  Interested parties may also participate in the meeting remotely by phone and/or internet by using the following information:

Dial-in number: (408) 418-9388

Meeting number: 126 804 0470 #

Meeting password: 265 923 23 #

A link will be also be posted on the Pope County website

When joining the hearing from a computer device, please use a headset or earbud microphone.  If you do not have a headset microphone, we encourage you to turn off your device microphone and speaker and join the audio by phone.

When joining the meeting by phone, please use a hand or headset, not speakerphone, as it picks up background noise.  Note that you must press *6 to unmute your line to speak.

Written comments and questions will also be accepted until 12 Noon on November 17, 2020 and can be sent to:

David Green,

Land & Resource Management,

130 East Minnesota Ave,

Glenwood, MN 56334


Via email to:

Comments received by Pope County at the hearing and in writing will be compiled and used by the County as it makes decisions regarding waste designation.

Pope County works in conjunction with Douglas County on certain waste management programs as part of the Pope/Douglas Joint Solid Waste Management Board (“PDSWM Board”), which owns and operates the Facility.  Pope and Douglas Counties drafted a Joint Waste Designation Plan which was approved by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (“MPCA”) on August 20, 2020 as being consistent with state statutes and state goals.  Each county will begin implementing waste designation through the adoption of a waste designation ordinance that will be brought before each county board and the MPCA for approval at a later date.  The Joint Designation Plan and other information regarding waste designation and waste management in Pope and Douglas Counties are available at

PDSWM will attempt to negotiate waste delivery agreements with waste haulers and self-haulers for the delivery of acceptable solid waste to the PDSWM Facility.  Solid waste that is acceptable at the Facility (“Acceptable Waste”) delivered pursuant to a waste delivery agreement with PDSWM will be exempt from the waste designation ordinances. Haulers under contract will be able to deliver Acceptable Waste to PDSWM at a contract tipping fee (“Contract Rate”) that is projected to be $20.00/ton lower than the future standard gate fee (“Gate Rate”).

PDSWM anticipates that waste designation, along with anticipated improvements to the Resource Recovery Campus, will yield an increase in the amount of solid waste processed and recycled, while reducing the amount sent to landfills.

A portion of the processed solid waste is converted to marketable energy by means of steam produced through the combustion process.  This steam is supplied to the neighboring 3M Abrasives Plant, Alomere Health, and Alexandria Technical and Community College.  Excess steam is run through two turbine generators to produce supplemental electricity that is used at the Facility. Recyclable materials sorted from Acceptable Waste are sent to various markets and receive the market price, which varies depending upon market conditions.

Consistent with the Joint Waste Designation Plan:

I. Waste designation will apply to the entire geographic area (service area) of Pope County.

II. The point of delivery for Acceptable Waste subject to the designation ordinance will be the PDSWM Facility, which is located at 2115 Jefferson Street, Alexandria, MN 56308.  All generators and haulers subject to designation (and not party to a waste delivery agreement with the PDSWM) will be required by the designation ordinance to deliver, or cause to be delivered, all Acceptable Waste they collect and/or generate in Douglas County to the PDSWM Facility.

III. PDSWM plans to continue processing of Acceptable Waste at the Facility, which has been processing solid waste and recyclables for over 30 years.  There, certain recyclable materials will continue be removed from the incoming Acceptable Waste, and the remainder will be processed into fuel for the Facility for energy recovery.  A small portion of waste, in the form of process residue or bypass reject material, will be sent to landfills.

IV. Waste designation will apply to all solid waste generated in Pope County that is acceptable for processing at the Facility. Acceptable Waste will not include the following:

A. Unacceptable Waste, which are wastes that cannot be accepted at the Facility;

B. Materials that are separated from solid waste and recovered for reuse in their original form or for use in manufacturing processes (this does not include the treatment of waste after collection for the purpose of composting);

C. Materials that are processed at another resource recovery facility at the capacity in operation at the time the Joint Designation Plan was approved by the MPCA;

D. Materials that are separated at a permitted transfer station or recycling facility located within Pope County for the purposes of recycling the materials if:

1. the transfer station was in operation on January 1, 1991; or

2. the materials were not being separated for recycling at the PDSWM Facility at the time the transfer station began separation of the material.

E. Recyclable materials that are:

1. being recycled, and residuals from the recycling if there is at least an 85 percent volume reduction in the solid waste processed at the recycling facility or transfer station and the residuals are managed as a separate waste streams; or

2. separated for recycling at a transfer station outside the County that meet the volume reduction and residual management criteria above, and that have been excluded pursuant to the process in Minn. Stat. § 115A.84, subd. 5.

F. Acceptable Waste otherwise subject to designation but that is delivered to the Resource Recovery Facility pursuant to a waste delivery agreement; and

G. Waste materials excluded pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 115A.84, subd. 4 or § 115A.893.

V. Acceptable Waste generated in 2019 is estimated to have been approximately 33,000 tons for Douglas and Pope County combined.  In 2019, only 27,300 tons were delivered to the PDSWM Facility from Douglas and Pope Counties combined.

VI. PDSWM operates as a joint powers board, with revenue collected from tipping fees covering facility expenses. Fees charged for waste delivery to the Facility will be at the amounts adopted by the PDSWM, as amended from time to time, with adequate notice of rate changes provided to haulers and the public.  PDSWM shall provide notice of any anticipated increase in the tipping fee by September 30 of each year to be effective the following January 1.  PDSWM has an estimated tipping fee schedule (below) that identifies projected tipping fees from 2021-2031.  PDSWM has adopted a policy that haulers that enter into a waste delivery agreement will pay a Contract Rate that will be approximately $20.00 per ton less than the Gate Rate.

Estimated Tipping Fees

Contract RateGate Rate

2021$86.612021      $106.61

2022$88.352022      $108.35

2023$90.112023      $110.11

2024$91.922024      $111.92

2025$93.752025      $113.75

2026$95.632026      $115.63

2027$97.542027      $117.54

2028$99.492028      $119.49

2029$101.482029      $121.48

2030$103.512030      $123.51

2031$105.582031      $125.58

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