Photo by Tim Douglass

A herd of goats took up residence in Barsness Park last week and quickly began eating buckthorn, a plant that has invaded much of the park’s natural areas. Glenwood City Commissioners recently approved allowing a herd of about 30 goats to be fenced into certain areas of the park because goats are well-known for their voracious appetite for buckthorn.The city contracted with Brian Simon of Lakeside Prairie Farm LLC of Barrett, Minn. to bring goats to the park.A group of local volunteers, known as the “Barsness Buckthorn Brigade” monitors the goats by walking the fenced area a couple of times each day.Goats are an alternative to chemicals and equipment, and effectively eat and ultimately kill the invasive buckthorn plants.The herd will be in the park through November and then will return for a few months in the spring.