Tate Reichmann and Damon Uhde enjoy the warmth of indoor tennis. Contributed Photos.

April 19 at Sartell

Minnewaska 6 Benson 1 

On Tuesday the Minnewaska boys’ tennis team was in Sartell, playing indoors against Benson.

The Lakers made the most of the comfortable indoor environment, knocking off the Braves by a 6-1 score.

The singles players, made up of Tate Reichmann, Gannon Walsh, Ethan Quelle and Connor Quelle,  had a good day, winning all four matches while never surrendering more than three games. 

Nik VanDyke teamed with Damon Uhde at #1 doubles for a 6-2, 6-1 win. Alec Larson and Konnor Hanson took their #3 doubles match by a 6-1, 6-1 score.

April 21 at Minnewaska

Minnewaska 7 Perham 0 

The boys’ tennis team was able to get outdoors on Thursday, hosting Perham on the Minnewaska courts.

The Lakers swept the Yellowjackets while not losing a set in the process.

Connor Quelle was particularly dominant, taking a  6-0, 6-0 win at #4 singles.  

The Lakers are scheduled to host Lac Qui Parle Valley on Thursday provided the weather cooperates.

Tennis Scores

vs. Benson   April 19


(1) Tate Reichmannn, M, def Taylor Duncan 6-1 6-1

(2) Gannon Walsh, M, def Hunter LeClair 6-2 6-1

(3) Ethan Quelle, M, def Alberto Vargas 6-3 6-1 

(4) Connor Quelle, M, def Logan Schauer 6-0 6-2 


(1) VanDyke/Uhde, M, def Bakke/Thompson 6-2 6-1 

(2) Brehmer/Hadfield, B, def Palmer/Dahl 6-2 7-6

(3) Larson/Hanson, M, def Carlson/Carlson 6-1 6-1

vs. Perham   April 21


(1) Tate Reichmannn, M, def Josh Peterson 6-1 6-1

(2) Gannon Walsh, M, def Michael Schwantz 6-2 6-0

(3) Ethan Quelle, M, def Jack Birkeland 6-2 6-3 

(4) Connor Quelle, M, def Mason Happel 6-0 6-0 


(1) VanDyke/Uhde, M, def Anderson/Hackel 6-2 6-0

(2) Palmer/Dahl, M, def Halvorson/Anderson 6-3 6-2

(3) Larson/Hanson, M, def Willprecht/Wokasch 6-1 6-4