For the first time this spring, the wind was under 25 mph when the trap team hit the line. In fact, it was under 8 mph as the team began their shooting season.

“Sunshine and only a whisper of a breeze, this is what every day should be like!” stated coach Jennie Stone. “All of the spring sports are running behind, and trap is no different. This has been a terrible spring to be outside.”

With 13 shooters averaging over 20 for the day, the team average was up to 19.2. Personal bests were reached by newcomers Chase Wacker and Aiden Yell, as well as Jackson Johnson. 

“It is so great to see them hit a new high, the smiles just about wrap all the way around their heads! That is one of the things we are here for, to celebrate each team member and their individual accomplishments  as well as team victories,” said coach Jennie.

Although there were no 25 straights, Luke Hoffmann crushed a pair of 24’s for top gun of 48 x 50.  Right on his heels were squad mates Levi Schultz and Dylan VanZee with impressive 47 x 50s. 

“We are really hoping to see more scores in the upper 40’s like that as the season progresses. Right now we have a big group shooting in the 40-45 range, and in order to really be competitive, those scores need to improve. But it’s early and we have the talent, so it will be fun to watch it all unfold as the season goes on,” added coach Jennie.

Most improved shooter this week was Aiden Yell, increasing his target count by a whopping 19 over the previous week. Aiden just changed guns, which will sometimes cause lower scores until the shooter gets used to the new firearm, but it looks like he found a good fit.

First week results are pending and will be published in next week’s sports pages.