Noah Danielson took first place in the 400 meter run in Tuesday’s sub-section meet.

May 24 at Sauk Centre

Section 5A Sub-section West

On Tuesday the Minnewaska track and field team was in Sauk Centre for the Section 5A West Sub-section meet.

The girls’ team was edged out by Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball for first place while the boys took third place.

The girls’ 4 x 800 relay team, ran by Lauryn Ankeny, Makena Thoen, McKenzie Luetmer, and Olivia Danielson, was the only first place finish. 

The boys had three top finishes, two of them relays. The 4 x 800 relay team, consisting of Noah Danielson, Jayce Kovarik, Nick Ankeny, Maeson Tank, ran to a first place finish, as did the 4 x 100 team of Jacob Lien, Gage Rogers, Isaac Meyer, and DeShon Boyd. Noah Danielson outran the competition in the 400 meter run.

Minnewaska has a long list of qualifiers for the Section 5A meet, to be held at St. John’s on Wednesday.

Those qualifiers are: 100 M: Emily Kaiser, Dacia Fleury.

100 M: DeShon Boyd, Isaac Meyer, Gage Rogers.

200 M: Emily Kaiser, Mya Lindemann.

200 M: DeShon Boyd, Gage Rogers.

400 M: Kenzie Luetmer, Lauryn Ankeny, Teagan Stark.

400 M: Noah Danielson.

800 M: Olivia Danielson, Makena Thoen, Teagan Stark.

800 M: Maeson Tank.

1600 M: Aubrey Stark.

3200 M: Kiearra Wilmes, Sydnie Chevalier.

3200M: Zach Palmer.

100 H: Ava Chevalier, Emma Kovarik.

110 H: Cade Olson.

300 H: Emma Kovarik, Dacia Fleury, Ava Chevalier.

300 H: Cade Olson.

4X100: Girls & Boys.

4X200: Girls & Boys.

4X400: Girls & Boys.

4X800: Girls & Boys.

HJ Girls: Ava Chevalier.

HJ Boys: Noah Danielson, James Ward.

Girls PV: Phemie Oeltjen, Kendra Wilmes.

Boys PV: Jayce Kovarik, Jacob Lien.

Girls LJ: Brooklyn Meyer.

Boys LJ: Isaaac Meyer.

Girls TJ: Emma Kovarik, Kenzie Luetmer, Dacia Fleury.

Boys TJ: Kaiden Harvey.

Girls Discus: Jayda Kolstoe, Olivia Danielson.

Boys Discus: Andrew Mrnak.

Girls Shot: Jayda Kolstoe.

Girls’ team results

1 EV-W-K 223.75

2 Minnewaska 187.25 

3 Paynesville 133

4 HL-W-W 121

5 Maple Lake 89.5

6 Sauk Centre 56

7 Holdingford 52

8 Upsala/S 21.25

9 BBE 14.25 

10 ACGC 7

Boys’ team results

1 HL-W-W 178.5

2 Sauk Centre 172

3 Minnewaska 121

4 EV-W-K 91

T5 ACGC 89

T5 Maple Lake 89

7 Holdingford 64.5

8 Upsala/S 51

9 BBE 30

10 Paynesville 21

Girls’ WCC results point scorers

100 meter-Emily Kaiser 2nd

                 Dacia Fleury 5thth

200 meter-Emily Kaiser 2nd

          Mya Lindemann 3rd

400 meter-McKenzie Luetmer 2nd

                  Lauryn Ankeny 3rd

                  Teagan Stark 7th

800 meter-Olivia Danielson 2nd

                  Makena Thoen 7th

1600 meter-Aubrey Stark 6th

3200 meter-Kiearra Wilmes 4th 

                   Sydnie Chevalier 6th

100 meter hurdles-Ava Chevalier 4th

                              Emma Kovarik 5th                      

300 meter hurdles-Emma Kovarik 5th

                        Dacia Fleury 6th 

4×100 relay-Minnewaska 2nd

4×200 relay-Minnewaska 2nd

4×400 relay-Minnewaska 2nd

4×800 relay-Minnewaska 1st

Pole vault-Phemie Oeltjen 6th

                 Kendra Wilmes 8th

Shot put-Jayda Kolstoe 6th

Discus-Jayda Kolstoe 2nd

Long jump-Brooklyn Meyer 6th

Triple jump-Emma Kovarik 2nd

          McKenzie Luetmer 5th 

Boys WCC results point scorers

100 meter-DeShon Boyd 4th

                 Gage Rogers 6th

200 meter- DeShon Boyd 4th

          Gage Rogers 7th

400 meter-Noah Danielson 1st 

800 meter-Maeson Tank 2nd

1600 meter-Nick Ankeny 8th

3200 meter-Zach Palmer 4th

4×100 relay-Minnewaska 1st

4×200 relay-Minnewaska 4th

4×400 relay-Minnewaska 2nd

4×800 relay-Minnewaska 1st

Discus-Andrew Mrnak 8th

High jump-Noah Danielson 4th

Long jump-Isaac Meyer 7th

Triple jump-Kaiden Harvey 8th

Pole vault-Jayce Kovarik 2nd

                 Jacob Lien T3rd