Sunset Beach Hotel to have its eighth annual opening

From the Pope County Tribune, Thursday, June 1, 1922.

Grand Opening Dance at Scotts Pavilion, Pelican Lake on Sunday, June 4th. Music by Billy Scotts Orchestra.   

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From the Glenwood Herald, Thursday, June 1, 1922.

The Sunset Beach Hotel will have its eighth annual opening next Sunday. It has been the custom in former years that the people of Glenwood and surrounding districts go to the Sunset Beach hotel for their dinner on the opening day of the hotel. Next Sunday is opening day and many are expected to take their dinner at the hotel. All who wish to come will be given a hearty welcome by the management. The dinner will cost one dollar. 

The hotel has already this spring entertained a large number of guests and the prospects for a successful season are brighter than ever. Mr. Peters has engaged the same chef that he has had before, which insures a good cuisine. 

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From the Starbuck Times, Friday, June 2, 1922. 

The board of directors of the Minnewaska Hospital Clinic met at the First National Bank last Saturday. It was decided to buy the necessary ground for the building to be erected from P. P. Klevann and Simon Kolstad. The building to be erected will be 28 x 50 feet with 10 foot ceilings, full basement, and will have six office rooms, a waiting room, x-ray room and dark room with lavatories in basement. The construction will be of brick and tile, the floor and finish will be of oak. Larson Brothers were awarded the contract. Work has commenced and the construction of the building will be rushed as much as possible. 

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From the Cyrus Citizen Friday, June 2, 1922. 

The commencement exercises of the local high school will be held Saturday evening, June 3, at the school auditorium. The class of seven will be the largest in the history of the school.