Immanuel Lutheran Church celebrates its centennial

June 21, 1962 – The most damaging hail storm in recent history had slashed into the Glenwood area around 7:30 p.m. on a Sunday evening causing heavy damage to farms, crops, livestock, homes and cottages. In spots the hailstones were the size of baseballs during the storm which swept an area about six miles in width from Cyrus to Grove Lake. In some places the large hail ripped through roofs, causing holes which led to serious water damage as well.

Waterama officials were making plans for an entry in the Minneapolis Aquatennial. The Glenwood float, Waterama Queen Janice Lind and Junior Queen Patricia Graves were on their way to the Twin Cities. Waterama admiral for the year was Harvey Gloege.

June 22, 1972 – Rudolph Hauge had stepped down as director of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) for the county, and Dick Oeltjen was named as his replacement. Hauge had served the county ASCS for 30 years, the last 14 as director. Oeltjen was a 1955 graduate of Villard High School and had spent three years in the Navy. He had been with the ASCS since that time as a grain inspector, supervisor and clerk.

Immanuel Lutheran Church in rural Starbuck was celebrating its centennial. Events scheduled were special speakers and visitors, an old-fashioned ladies’ aid meeting, a Norwegian service and more. The church had begun with a meeting on the Lars Sylvester farm in March 1872. Current pastor of the church was the Rev. James Sumption. Members of the centennial committee were Henry Hanson, Ruth Barsness, Mrs. Irvin Dahl, Mrs. U.G. Larson, Mrs. George Hubbert, Mrs. C. Eugene Johnson and C.C. Bollingberg.

June 24, 1982 – Lakeview Care Center celebrated its first Good Old Days with old car rides (compliments of Gordy Cagley), homemade ice cream, games, prizes and live music. The even was planned to entertain residents and to invite the public to share the day.

Two hot air balloons were scheduled to give tethered rides to persons attending the Minnesota Orchestra concert at the Terrace Mill if the weather allowed such a thing. The orchestra was making its second appearance at the mill.

Senate District No. 15’s DFLers were deadlocked over the selection of a candidate. Erwin Hildebrandt, Kensington, was nominated but failed to gain enough votes to win the endorsement. 

June 22, 1992 – The Glenwood-Lowry school board decided not to pursue a proposed magnet school at the Starbuck Elementary in the fall. Of the elementary school parents surveyed, 35 said they would transfer their students if Starbuck became a magnet school; 24 would transfer even if it did not. The Starbuck school board was investigating creating a magnet school at Starbuck Elementary.

The 13th annual Heritage Festival was to be held at the Terrace Mill in Terrace on Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28. A rosemale show and sale highlighted each day.

The Midsommernattsfest, the Scandinavian celebration of the summer solstice, was pictured in the Tribune. The 21st annual event was sponsored by the Sons of Norway Mjøsen Lodge of Glenwood and Starbuck.

June 24, 2002 – The Glenwood Police Department needed help investigating an apparent shooting incident within city limits. A couple of people stopped by the Pope County Law Enforcement Center to report they believed their vehicle had been shot at while driving through Glenwood. The vehicle was a full-size conversion van with large bay windows. The bay window closest to the front of the van was shattered with a small hole in the lower center of the window.

Hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts from across the state and country came to Pope County for the sixth annual Pope County Hospice Motorcycle ride. A total of 315 bikers participated in the events on Saturday and another 285 rode on Sunday and raised more than $28,000 for Pope County Hospice.

June 25, 2012 – Pope County Commissioners unanimously approved a “revised” job description for the county coordinator’s position and increased the hours of the position to four-fifths time. The coordinator’s job description would now reflect the county board’s plan to begin the process of redesigning county government services.

School board members heard the official numbers at the school board meeting: donations to the Minnewaska Area Elementary School Fun Run rocked the charts at $45,660. The annual fundraiser, which normally is used to supplement the school’s activity fund, was used this year for a one-time goal of equipping MAES classrooms with state-of-the-art technology. Students, teachers, staff, families, members of the community and area businesses raised enough money to furnish every MAES classroom with a SMART board and projection system, a set of 21 iPads for classroom use, and a charging cart for the iPads as well.

Sue Anderson was taken by surprise at the sight of a boat in the middle of Minnesota Ave. in Glenwood between Tom’s Food Pride and Wagner Hardware. The boat had apparently slipped off its trailer.