Three years ago, two Barsness Park walkers shared their common concern and interest in a weed infested “island” in the north entrance to the park. They learned that a flower garden had been established by an older woman, now deceased many years.  They decided to begin a long-term project of eradicating the weeds, a well-developed buckthorn tree and various saplings. It soon became evident that one woman’s physical condition would not tolerate the necessary effort. But she was an encouragement to the other weeder. People were curious about this solitary weeder and decided to join her. So, a volunteer troupe was established without any formal recruiting. They liked the project idea and many were from the BeKind group. The city gave its blessing to take on the project which is informally called the Kindness Garden. Along with the beautiful donated flowers and plants that adorn the garden, BeKind members purchased one of the benches and another was donated in honor of a friend. A placard reads, “Come sit with me, my friends, and feel the joy!”