The summer construction on Glenwood city streets and parking lots is about to begin.  

This summer, the city will be reconstructing Second St. SE from Minnesota Avenue to Third Avenue SE. The project will involve replacement of water mains, sewer mains, sidewalks, curb and gutter in the three-block area.   Work on that street is set to begin on July 11, according to Glenwood Public Works Director Dave Perryman. It should be completed by early September.  

Another project that starts on July 18 will be the construction work to reclaim 15th St. SE from Highway 28 to Highway 55. That project will end in mid-August, Perryman said.

A third project is the complete reconstruction of the city parking lot next to the Village Inn on First Avenue SE.  Work on the parking lot will begin in mid-August and be completed by early September, Perryman said.

Anyone with questions about the project should contact city hall at 320-634-5433.