Public informational meeting on the issue set for August 31

It may soon be legal to drive a Class 2 ATV (side-by-side) on Glenwood city streets as long as the operator applies and receives a permit from the city, according to the proposed ordinance drafted by the city attorney and presented to the city commission last week. 

 A Class 2 ATV is defined as a vehicle that is wider than 50 inches from outside tire rim to outside tire rim, but is not wider than 65 inches.  

While Class 2 ATVs may be operated on city streets year-round, according to the new ordinance, Class 1 ATV’s – a typical four-wheeler vehicle, will only be permitted on city streets during the winter months from Nov. 1 through March 31.  

The City of Glenwood is also considering a separate resolution allowing golf carts to use city streets as well, but only during the summer months from April 1 through October 31, according to the amended ordinance.

“We’re not asking you to approve the ordinances tonight,” City Administrator Dave Iverson said of the proposed ordinances.  “We just wanted to get them in your hands and have you decide the next step,” he told commissioners. 

After some questions, the city commission took no action on the proposed ordinances last Wednesday, but did set an informational meeting for 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 31 to get public comments on the proposed ordinances at city hall.  

After that meeting, comments will be considered and the ordinances will likely go before the commission for approval in September.

Meanwhile, the proposed ordinances will be available for the public to view on the city’s website at or residents can get a paper copy of the proposed ordinances at the Glenwood City offices.

Troy Nelson, the city’s attorney, said he simplified the ordinances from others previously reviewed by the city commission.  He also stated that Glenwood Police Chief Dale Danter and Iverson were involved in drafting the new ordinances.

According to Nelson, Danter supports both proposed ordinances and said he is “excited to get something in place soon.”

The ordinances call for the those wanting to drive ATVs or golf carts on city streets to apply to the city, and if approved, a permit will be issued.  The city has not yet determined a fee for the permit, although the proposed ordinances call for annual applications and permits.  All those permitted will have to show proof of a valid driver’s license and insurance.

Highlights of the proposed Glenwood ordinance on ATVs

The new ordinance points out that it will unlawful for any person to operate an ATV without obtaining a city permit.  

•Class 2 ATV Operator permits will be granted from January 1 through Dec. 31 and may be renewed on annual basis.

•Class 1 ATV operator permits shall be granted from Nov. 1 to March 31.  

•Permits will not be prorated and a new permit shall be required for each time period.

Operator Permit conditions

No operator permit shall be granted or renewed unless the following conditions are met:

•The city is in receipt of a complete application and permit fee.

•The applicant is 16 years of age or older and provides a valid driver’s license.

•The applicant provides proof of insurance in compliance with Minn. Stat. 65B.48, as it may be amended from time to time.

•ATVs may be operated within the city on public roadways, but not operated on State Trunk Highways within the city.  Direct crossing of such highways is allowed. 

•ATVs shall be operated at all times in proper traffic lanes and not exceed the designated speed limit.

•ATVs may be operated on designated city roadways and intersections from sunrise to sunset except when ATVs or UTVs are equipped with original equipment headlights, tail lights and rear-facing brake lights.  If equipped with original equipment Class 2 ATVs can be operated year-round from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Class 1 ATVs can be operated during the same time period, but only from Nov. 1 to March 31.  

•The use of Class 1 ATVs on city roadways between April 1 and Oct. 31 is expressly prohibited and subject to penalty provided in the ordinance.  

•No person a shall operate a Class 1 or Class 2 ATV or UTV on a public sidewalk, trail or park unless otherwise expressly authorized by the city.  This prohibition shall not include the city beach area for lake access purposes from Nov. 1 through. March 31.  This prohibition shall not include the asphalt roadway within all city parks, but does apply to all other trails, paths and park grounds within the park system.    

Highlights of the proposed 

Glenwood ordinance on Golf Carts

There is a separate ordinance on motorized golf carts.  

•A permit to operate on city streets must be attained and will be allowed for persons licensed to drive motor vehicles as defined by Minnesota Statute Ch. 169. Applicants will need to submit proof of their driver’s license and insurance.

•An annual fee shall be established.


No motorized golf cart shall be driven, operated or controlled on the roadways or shoulders of roadways under the jurisdiction of the City of Glenwood:

–between sunset and sunrise.

–in inclement weather, when visibility is reduced.

–without prominent display of a slow-moving vehicle emblem provided in MS. 169.522 on the rear of vehicle.

–without a mirror so located as to reflect to the driver…for at least 200 feet to the rear of vehicle.

–without liability insurance coverage

–contrary to any traffic law of the City of Glenwood or State of Minnesota, except those which cannot reasonably be applied to motorized golf carts…

–without a current valid individual permit.

–during the time period from Nov. 1 through March 31.

No person shall operate a motorized golf cart on a public sidewalk, trail or park unless otherwise expressly authorized by the city.  This prohibition shall not include the asphalt roadway within all city parks, but does apply to all other trails, paths and park grounds within city’s park system.