Several classic cars were on display at the city park in Starbuck last weekend for the Classic Car Show. Each vehicle has many stories and has had blood, sweat and tears in restoring and maintaining the beauty of days past. While walking through the crowd of people, you can hear them saying things like “this was my first car” or “my wife and I had our first date in one of those.” Each car owner holds a great sense of pride and it’s evident in the times during the show that they had their soft cloths out to shine up the car. In the photo at the top right, the 1929 Model A, owned by Kenny Brevig, a 93-year-old veteran of Starbuck, is a beautifully restored 93-year-old car. The Impala to the left is an all-original, matching number car that has had a complete restoration to retain its former glory. More information will be provided regarding winners and comments in next week’s paper as the information becomes available.

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