A report on the status of aquatic invasive species in Lake Scandi was given at the Pope County Committee of the Whole meeting this week. Dan Anderson and Bob Walsh with the Scandi Lake Association (SLA) discussed the lake management plan and the results of the point intercept survey. “We’ve been using 2,4D to eliminate the Eurasian Milfoil, but 2,4D is not selective about what it kills,” said Walsh. “We want to put together a lake vegetation management plan so we can avoid using that.”

The SLA was able to spray the lake two times this year and then survey. This year, the pesky invasive species was only found in three very small areas. It was found that it wouldn’t be cost effective to bring all of the equipment to the lake to spray just the small areas, but the problem still persists. 

“It only takes a thumbnail sized piece of milfoil to propagate, and we can’t spray where there are water lilies. We use four parts 2,4D per million gallons of water. The cost for the survey is typically between $3,200-3,500 and is good for five years,” Walsh stated. They plan to move forward with the lake management plan.

The state of the Fremad Association building structural engineering report was discussed. The county incurred the property in 2014 by tax forfeiture and the HRA/EDA has been the driving force on what happens to the building, but it is ultimately a county expense. The board discussed that the building does affect the adjacent structures in one way or another and that those property owners need to be a part of further discussion. “There is additional information to discuss with each board and we will provide a forum for all involved parties when we have all the details,” said Administrator Kappmeyer. 

Horizon Public Health brought concerns before the board regarding the status of Pope County and the sale of state legal THC products. Community Health Strategist Amy Reineke has been involved in the process with Douglas County and how they are determining their ordinances and processes. “I just know it’s a coming issue to Pope County and wanted to make you aware of what other places are doing before it becomes a bigger issue.”

Board Chair Lindor mentioned that some counties have put down a moratorium on the sale, including from food trucks, gummy booths and several other sales venues, and that it is on the radar with the Association of Minnesota Counties. The question from the rest of the board was whether or not this is a city or county issue. “I strongly suggest we do something whether it’s a moratorium or anything else. I will plan to discuss this with the city as well,” stated Reineke. 

The board was introduced to the Sheriff’s Department K-9 Officer, Karma, and in other announcements, the county has started receiving their opioid settlement payments. 

Budgetary discussions continued from the Sheriff/Emergency Management and Commissioner/Administration/Human Resources Departments.  The board will address them officially during an upcoming board meeting, it was stated.