Lakeview 4-H Club named as the top 4-H club in the county

Oct. 4, 1962 The Pope County Tribune reported that housewives were a powerful influence in the city of Glenwood. The city fathers, having had numerous complaints from area housewives that their Monday morning laundry was getting dirty due to rubbish fires, declared that there would be no burning of garbage in the city between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. any day. 

Homecoming was termed a success despite the football team’s loss to Morris. Crowned to reign over the event was Rose Stavem, princesses were Magdelyn Norby and Jane Eckert. Other attendants were Susan Sherlin, Kayleen Schmeckpeper, Joyce Hoplin and Margaret Lund. Escorts included Ralph Femrite, Curt Peterson, Alphin Mesa, Larry Helling, Dan Knutson, Lyle MacIver, Gary Probst and Doug MacIver.

Specials at the Glenwood V Store included men’s rayon trousers for $3.33, a water repellent men’s wool coat for $19.95, men’s T-shirts at three for $1.50 and girls’ flannel slacks for $2.88.

Oct. 5, 1972 – The Lakeview 4-H Club received an award as the top 4-H club in the county during the annual 4-H banquet. Four 4-Hers receiving Key Awards were Janel Peterson of Wide Awake, Mary Sue Zehrer of the Busy Beavers, Charles Gaffaney of the Villard Livewires and Clint Theisse of Wayside. Over 425 parents and 4-Hers gathered at the Prospect Park School for the event. 

A local grocery store was advertising chuck roast for 69 cents a pound, bacon for 69 cents, tomato soup for 10 cents a can, Kleenex at four for $1, margarine at 25 cents and five 6-ounce can of orange juice for 89 cents. 

Buffalo Bill Cody’s grandson, Bill Cody, was to appear in Glenwood and Lowry to promote shooting education. Cody was associated with the Daisy Air Rifle Company (Editor’s note: Cody died last month and was buried at Old Trail Town in Cody, Wyo.)

Oct. 7, 1982 – Tylenol Extra Strength capsules were pulled from area stores’ shelves following a national scare with the death of seven Chicago area people believed to have taken the over-the-counter medication. 

Local governments set tax levies for the following year. The school district certified a levy 2.2 percent higher than the previous year’s. Pope county commissioners approved a levy for 1983 that would be down 16. 5 percent. 

Northwestern Bell had announced that it would close its Glenwood office in the near future. 

The sun shone warmly on the crowd and fiddles  at the Terrace Mill’s fourth annual contest. Over 1,500 people were believed to have attended the event. 

Oct. 5, 1992 –  The Pope County Highway Department completed perhaps its busiest year ever with over $3.2 million in road and bridge work which was already underway or scheduled. 

The Glenwood City Commission would be holding a hearing to consider a proposal by Glenwood Retirement Homes for a new elderly housing facility at the southwest intersection of Fifth Street and Eight Avenues on land that was part of Barsness Park. 

The Tribune reported that Jim Lepper, who lived just a few blocks south of the Glenwood swimming beach, had seen a moose in the bushes at his home. The moose had wandered around the neighborhood and was observed by a number of excited residents of the area. 

Oct. 7, 2002 – When Emma Hustad of rural Villard took her first solo flight and passed her driver’s test in the same week, it wasn’t anything new for the family. Two of her three sisters, Michal and Hannah, did that when they were 16. But the same day, she was able to one-up her sisters and gained complete control over family bragging rights. “I soloed at about 7:15 a.m. on Sept. 20 (her 16th birthday) and passed my driver’s test at about 3 p.m. that afternoon,” said Emma. “I was legal to fly a plane before driving a car.”

Two weeks after bursting the Department of Environmental Services’ bubble, the Pope County Board threw the department a bone – 350,000 bones, to be exact. County commissioners earmarked $350,000 of the county’s revenue balance fund for environmental remediation, with water-quality efforts taking top priority. 

The annual Memory Walk was held at Central Square in Glenwood. With a cold rain outside, more than 80 walkers, including a few dogs, walked indoors at Central Square. Thousands of dollars were raised during the walk to be used for Alzheimer’s disease research and advocacy. 

Oct. 8, 2012 – Glenwood Rotary president Pamela Erickson handed a check for $5,000 to Glenwood Mayor Bill Ogdahl and Glenwood City Administrator Dave Iverson. The Glenwood Rotary donated the funds to the city’s Comprehensive Community Improvement Initiative. 

Starbuck City Council meets with HRA/EDA and Planning Commission to discuss future plans for the city. The Starbuck City Council, Pope County HRA/EDA Board and the Starbuck Planning Commission met for just over an hour and a half to discuss planning for the future on the west side of Lake Minnewaska and to get community ideas. 

Jen Molnau of Glenwood, Hunter Matzke of Villard and Valerie Schmidt of Lowry represented the Pope County Humane Society at the Adoption Option seminar held at the Holiday Inn in Fargo, N.D. on Aug. 22.