Due to inclement weather that postponed a meeting las week, Kylee Berger, a Forester for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will return to Glenwood for a training session on March 13 at 10 a.m. at Glenwood City Hall. 

Last spring Berger toured parts of Barsness Park and consulted as to best practices in management of the invasive buckthorn. She met with volunteers working in the park and individuals interested in Cost-Sharing grants for private landowners. 

This upcoming meeting will focus on training volunteers in identifying buckthorn in its various stages of development and skills to survey and map the invasive plant in Barsness Park. 

The survey findings will be used by the City and Barsness Buckthorn Brigade to plan, set priorities, and the manage buckthorn and other invasive species. When cut down or mulched, buckthorn sprouts back using an existing root system and berries can germinate for up 5 or more years creating a need for long-term maintenance, it was stated.

Grazing with goats, repeated cutting, pulling, and in certain areas chemical treatment are needed to manage and prevent reinfestation. 

Volunteers are needed to help in surveying the park to identify problem areas. This will involve getting off the trails and, in some areas, challenging hiking. This type of survey will need to be repeated yearly to help assess the ongoing progress in keeping our park healthy. 

Volunteers wanted

Interested volunteers are asked to come to the March 13  meeting being held at City Hall at 10 a.m. Downloading the AVENZA Maps app on your smart phone was recommended by Kylee Berger.  Weather permitting a field training may be held after a lunch break, it was stated.