New ownership of Cairns & Son meat market

From the Pope County Tribune, Thursday, Mar. 1, 1923.

The Pope County nurse examined all the pupils in the Lowry school last week. She reports the children in pretty good condition.

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From the Glenwood Herald, Thursday, Mar. 1, 1923. 

A deal was closed last Tuesday whereby R.M. Smedstad of Lowry becomes the owner of the Cairns & Son meat market in Glenwood. Mr. Smedstad will move to Glenwood with his family and will take charge of the business April 1. He will conduct the business in the same building but will remodel it so as to make it entirely sanitary in every way. The whole of the interior will be repainted. Mr. Smedstad is not a new man in the meat market business. He has been located in both Starbuck and Lowry and has in all 20 years’ experience. He will have with him another expert in handling meat, Chris Sather. We do not know what Mr. Cairns will do, but we hope that he may find something to do in Glenwood so that we may keep him and his family here.

  Fires in Sedan are getting popular. Most of the people were still in bed when the fire bell rang Sunday morning at 8 o’clock, but it didn’t take long for them to arrive on the scene and find the old hotel on fire where Henry Jacobson has his shoe repair shop. The fire was put out before much damage was done.

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From the Starbuck Times, Friday, Mar. 2, 1923. 

Three mass meetings have been called to discuss the matter of having a consolidated school in Starbuck. Mrs. Julia Solverud and Mr. Flek, of the State Department of Education, will be the principal speakers.

  Last Tuesday afternoon, Ole Olson, manager of the mill, took his big truck and a crew of about 14 men and started out to open up the road to Glenwood. Armed with shovels the boys fought their way thru the snow drifts until they arrived at the county seat, where C.O. Ettesvold, the genial manager of the Glenwood Lumber Co., treated them to a lunch.

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From the Westport World, Thursday, Mar. 1, 1923. 

There will be held at the Modern Woodman of America Hall, Westport, Wednesday, March 7 at 1 o’clock P.M. a Township Caucus for the purpose of nominating officers for the ensuing year.