New owner of the Hall Café

From the Pope County Tribune, Thursday, March 22, 1923.

This is to call the attention of the parents of Glenwood to the trend of accomplishment of our schools. Year by year our pupils study less and are at graduation less fitted to enter the world of realities. No high school graduate in this day is expected to be capable of earning his board and clothes. He must first be really taught something useful after perhaps twelve years of intense struggle to “keep him in school.”

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From the Glenwood Herald, Thursday, March 22, 1923. 

A deal was closed last week whereby Mrs. Edith Cairns became owner of the Hall Café. Mrs. Cairns has already taken charge. The Cairns meat market was sold recently to R. M. Smedsted of Lowry, will take charge of the business April 1 and as Mr. and Mrs. Cairns liked Glenwood especially well and did not wish to go to any other place. She at once looked around for a business in Glenwood. Mrs. Cairns will be assisted by her two sons, and her husband as soon as he turns over the meat market. As soon as practicable three shifts will be open at the restaurant and it will be kept open day and night. Mr. and Mrs Cairns came here in July 1920. Mr. Hall has been conducting this restaurant for a little more than a year, and has been very successful. He will now move back to his residence on the Soo Hill.

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From the Starbuck Times, Friday, March 23, 1923. 

On Monday, March 26th the Modern Woodmen of America will put on 6000 feet of moving picture, showing what we are doing for Poor People of America. We will show you how you can get protection at cost, also we will show you the system we have to cure Consumption for our members. Absolutely free of charge. Everybody is invited to come to the Du Glada Theatre at 8 o’clock . Bring the children. This show is not for the Woodmen only, but for you and your friends. 

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From the Westport World, Thursday, Mar. 22, 1923. 

Advertisement: Meals and Lunches at all hours Johnson Café.