Glacial Ridge Health Systems recently welcomed audiologist Rebecca Younk. 

Younk has been working with patients in Morris and already had patients from the area and was approached about starting a practice at the Glenwood facility. She jumped at the opportunity, it was stated.

“I was already treating patients from here, so I was excited to be asked to start a practice here,” she stated. She owns her practice and has four rural clinics, Montevideo, Morris, Appleton and now Glenwood. 

Younk has been practicing audiology for 23 years. She has owned her practice since 2015. She has practiced internationally before she started doing rural practice. “I was flying all over and leaving my young family at home and I didn’t feel right about it, so I was tired of the corporate world, and I met the neatest woman who was at retirement age, and she offered to sell me her practice,” said Younk.

Her practice started with only the Montevideo and Morris clinics and has grown into the four locations and more days per week. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication Disorders in 1997 from Truman State University and went on to receive her Master of Science in Audiology from Washington University in St. Louis. She started practicing audiology after that time and then went on to receive her Doctorate degree in Audiology in 2007 from the University of Florida.

She believes in a holistic approach to hearing care for her patients and understands that it’s not a one size fits all solution. Dr. Younk enjoys spending time with her patients, getting to know them and finding the right tools, techniques and products that can give them the optimal outcome. 

One of her favorite parts of her job is activating hearing aids or cochlear implants. It gives her an opportunity to give someone the ability to hear for the first time in a long time. She truly looks forward to helping her patients have a good experience while achieving the highest quality of hearing care that is available. 

She is a past president of the Minnesota Academy of Audiology and is the chair of the Government Relations Committee of Audiology for MAA. 

She is scheduled to be in the clinic on Thursdays and looks forward to meeting residents of Pope County.