The communities of Starbuck and Glenwood turned out to celebrate the 35th annual Lefse Dagen (Lefse Days), Saturday at the historic NP Depot in Starbuck.

The event included a chance for visitors to check out the Lefse Hall of Fame, 1882 NP Depot, 1909 Caboose, Skoglund Building, Mercantile Building, VFW Display, Threshing Kitchen, Viking Long Boat replica and more.

There was also plenty of food for sale, including lefse, rømmegrøt, varm pulsa, donuts and a meal of BBQs, chips, coffee and water.  And, anyone wanting a chance to try rolling and making lefse was able to make and taste their own.

The 40th anniversary of the world’s largest lefse celebration is set for Saturday, July 1 during Starbuck Heritage Days.

In the picture at top left and moving clockwise, vendors sold items outside the kitchen; a mother and her two sons have some fun playing on the train tracks; royalty visitors sign the guest book and a young boy checks out the Viking Long Boat replica.

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