A new legislative district for Pope County

From Earl Hauge, Glenwood 

It’s a new day in Pope County.  Our new legislative district is 12A.  40 years ago, I was the State Representative for Pope, Stevens, and Swift Counties.  Then redistricting came along and we got saddled with more right- wing people from Stearns County. For the last 40 years, our elected State Representatives, State Senators, and Congressmen consistently voted against any reasonable gun control laws, and would not support women’s inalienable rights, that is (their right to make choices over their own bodies).  

The biggest issue this year is about enacting reasonable gun control laws.  In the United States, 45,000 are killed by guns each year. Our current lack of gun control has taken away our right to feel safe in our homes.  How would you feel if you had, a neighbor who had an attitude, and owned an AR15?  Those assault rifles shoot through houses and cars.  They blow three-inch holes in people.  They are the “guns of choice” for mass murderers.   

Fortunately, in our new district, 12A, we have three democrats who have stepped up to the plate.  They are compassionate communicators, very intelligent, and support reasonable gun control laws.  They are Edie Barrett, for State Representative, Kari Dorry, for State Senator, and Jill Abahsain for Congress.  We human beings have an inalienable right, to feel safe in our homes, and in our schools, and actually, everywhere in our country.  A vote for Edie, Kari, and Jill will be a reasonable vote to enhance our safety.