Do something…

From Jerry Larson, Glenwood

Our country is in trouble–biased media, lack of confidence in government, border out of control, drugs, crime, burn-out for teachers and health care workers, shortage of people wanting to work and a shortage of police officers, schools worried about pronouns, history being re-written, retirement funds dropping health care costs rising, fertilizer prices, higher interest rates, inflation unsustainable, and most of all, a flawed un-American energy policy affecting every family, every business, and everything we buy.  After Biden pledged to put an end to fossil fuel, he traveled to corrupt countries begging for more foreign oil production while promoting green energy faster than the grid can handle and having to import resources from China for batteries, chips and solar panels.

So, what should we do?  I proposed praying for new leadership in both political parties.  Encourage our elected leaders to lead the effort in dismissing both Trump and Biden (we need a statesman)!  Lean on your party delegates to change course.  Or, you could become a candidate of volunteer for your favorite cause.  Finally, you can communicate with your elected officials, but until “we the people” demand better we will stumble along enduring the pain.

I urge taking action if you are concerned, don’t complain, criticize or be complacent without…DOING SOMETHING.

Writer responds to guest opinion

From Mary Hofmann, Glenwood

In response to the editorial written by the St Louis Post-Dispatch and published in the Pope County Tribune,

I just want to say:  GEEZ, TDS MUCH?  Wow, I wish whoever wrote that article would let us know how they really think!  Sarcasm, in case anyone didn’t catch it.  I find it also very interesting that on the bottom of the Opinion page of the Pope County Tribune, the First Amendment is written out.  So, if people want to believe the 2020 election was fraudulent and talk show radio hosts want to discuss this, it’s not OK?  Because if a person does believe this, you’re not of sound mind and body?  And, since when is supporting gun rights tasteless?  I’m pretty sure the Second Amendment takes care of that issue.  Republican extremism?  What do you call Democrat extremism?  Or does the writer feel there isn’t any?   

I do wish Mr. Douglass would print editorials from papers or others who support a different point of view and show us he’s a fair and unbiased publisher of an otherwise good newspaper.