‘We are a Christian nation’

From Inga Mae B. Urke,


I must take issue with a recent writer on the abortion rights issue.  First, what proof does she have that she has factual documentation about deaths in the January 6th event? I have never known Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity or other FOX staff to tell any lies on any of this stuff and I believe them.

I also think the writer is dead wrong in stating:  “America is fundamentally not a Christian nation.”  I quote one paragraph from a Christian publication Vine and Branches written by Rev.  David Barnhart:  “It is an undeniable fact that our country’s founding fathers established this nation on Christian principles, starting with the Declaration of Independence which declares that the Author of freedom is the Creator God”.  If space permitted, I would quote the exact words for her but would be glad to share it with her.

It was sad that she did not like my quoting Bible verses and when she stated “I almost thought I was back in Sunday School” made me think that it is what she learned in those classes that should stick with her and should matter at the present time!  Much of what she wrote was “over my head” for I do not have a college education and never liked history but she wrote of “powers who thought their interpretation of the Bible was correct and believed God was on their side.”  However, there is NO doubt that God was on their side and still is!

She wrote of the death of a woman in 2012 who was denied abortion.  Of course that was very tragic but can we honestly claim that this was worse than the abortion of 63 million babies?  Was the pregnancy of the 10-year-old girl who was raped and impregnated worse than aborting 63 million babies?  Can we continue to allow these few instances just to argue that abortion must be legal?   She claims that faith-based groups could provide misleading information but she ought to know that this would never happen!

     When there are so many options for any woman to choose to not become pregnant in the first place, I see NO excuse for their endless demands to have abortion rights.

     How can we not object to this current president’s ridiculous vow that “if Congress passes a national abortion ban, I will veto it”.  That, in my opinion, is sick and unfair!