Will we do something this time to stop the slaughter in schools?

From Jim Thoreen, Glenwood

As I draft this letter, I am watching network TV news coverage of the massacre of 18 people (maybe more) in the community of Uvalde, TX. 

My God. How can we, who claim to be a civilized, peaceful society, continue to watch this slaughter in our schools, malls, and local neighborhoods? The flippant people among us might simply say that we can stop these horrendous events by letting people carry guns unimpeded in any way so that “the good, armed people” can stop the murderers. “They” are at the scenes of shootings and can act before police arrive.

Our nation’s filmmakers and television producers over the years portrayed the Wild West as guys in white shirts shooting down the guys in black…at high noon on the dirty streets of Laredo. How we cherish those “good guys.” We leave the movie theater or turn TV channels and life goes on.

Today we once again see that life does not simply “go on” following the carnage which sickens a town, a state and our nation. When a sick person carries out his twisted plans to wreak havoc on society simply because he has an easily-obtained means by which he can kill, we shudder, cringe and cry.

What to do? Who can act to turn the tide? Because no one wants their child shot to death in a classroom. The parents in Uvalde, TX had no idea Tuesday morning that their children would die in  school that day. Do we in western Minnesota believe that nothing like Uvalde could happen here? Are there measures which can be put in place which will lead us to safer schools and businesses?

Simply, yes. But not easily done. Start with the legislature. Adopt reasonable gun regulations which many sportsmen and even NRA members can support such as background checks for all gun purchasers. One step. If our future is based on our painful past, there will be another Uvalde, TX simply because there are hundreds of millions of guns out there. But one step in each legislature or, better yet, one step in Congress can begin to stem the tide. I can’t believe that the founders of this nation adopted an amendment to the constitution which calls for a gun free-for-all; that no restrictions can be placed on weapons or the people who own them. Inaction by legislators condemns our society.


Legislature should finish work on time

From Carlene Dean, Osakis

Good grief, Charlie Brown, not again!!! The story about the ending of the regular session of the Minnesota legislature is becoming way too common in the past several years: They didn’t agree to a budget deal and “may need a special session.”

I, for one, think they should get ‘er done during the several months in which they meet, making the budget a top priority and leave insignificant issues (such as the growler thing) on the back burner. I wondered whether the bonus pay for essential workers would ever be passed (it was, finally) as the elected officials wrangled with minor issues. 

Many of us wonder what’s the problem, why can’t these overpaid buffoons we elected to represent us in St Paul do their basic, most important job? Of course, we always hear that the fault lies with the opposite political party but the truth is it’s ALL their faults and not just the Democrats or Republicans. Apparently, they just don’t have the incentive to play nice with each other and hammer out some workable deal to spend that excess tax money—in the billions of dollars this time—they collect from us taxpayers in this lovely state. Once again, no deal has been passed and the job isn’t finished

In private sector employment they would likely be fired. But our legislators won’t be fired unless, in the off chance, one is voted out. Besides relative job security, these men and women are very well paid for a part-time job, with a generous per-day allowance and nice benefits. So then why is a budget surplus deal not getting voted on and passed? One would think that in a mid-term election year, our legislators might actually get on the ball, but no, that’s not the case.

I’ve said/written it before and I’ll say it again: when a stalemate like this happens, the legislators should NOT be rewarded with extra pay or per-diem money if they “need” a special session. They have plenty of time to do the job. We should hold them accountable to that schedule and not pay them if they don’t finish their work … just like what happens in the private sector.


Lefse Hall of Fame grand opening

From Joyce Walquist, Starbuck

VELKOMMEN TO STARBUCK.  What a privilege to attend the grand opening of the Museum, with so many visitors, Mayor Swenson and Minnewaska Royalty.  It was a privilege for Audrey Amundson and I to cut the ribbon for the wonderful historical museum. The day was great with a chance for visitors to explore the museum. Many buildings, exhibits and scrapbooks are a very special collection of memories. Bill Pederson and his wonderful Viking Boat, There was a great Scandinavian lunch with lefse, of course, and I know I had two servings of rømmegrøt (probably gained 5 pounds).  Tom’s Market donated decorated cakes for the event. Several vendors, including Gary Legvold author of many Lefse books including the “Boys of Starbuck,” were present.

Also, first time visitor Gene Estenson visited and has a lovely blog…  https.//travelwithgene-11.blogspot.com/

 It’s great to see what the Depot Society has accomplished since the record lefse was made in 1983.  Remember that lovely sunny day and huge crowds including the Pillsbury Doughboy? I love to say we had traffic jams in Starbuck. Wonderful to see all the many accomplishments since the humble beginnings with the single Depot building – now, a great many buildings and fantastic displays. I’m so proud of what the Depot Society has done.

So many people have been involved and I   greatly appreciate all their work. I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO BLAINE PEDERSON and his family for their efforts and continuing the old history, making new history and keeping it such a grand tradition. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!