I skipped the government’s reality TV show last week

By Tim Douglass, Publisher of the Pope County Tribune

I’m told the president and a couple of high-ranking Democrats dominated the television screen for a half hour one day last week.

I missed it.  On purpose.

I was weary of the Donald Trump Reality Show, pushed mainly by cable television, so I chose lighter entertainment: reruns of the Andy Griffith Show.  

I did read about the president’s speech and the rebuttal speech, but simply was not interested in watching or listening to either in real time.  

After a few conversations the next day and after being subjected to some talk radio, it was apparent that those who thought the Democrats were more truthful probably thought that before the speech.  And those who agreed and rationalized what the president said probably agreed with his views before his speech.  So, nothing changed, anywhere.

Could anyone have been persuaded of anything other than what they already believed about the wall and the shutdown and which team they were rooting for based on a half-hour of reality television that featured no new facts, old ideas and half-true arguments about whether a border wall is a good or bad idea?  

And, there were no specifics about what kind of wall, how many miles it will span, the total cost, or other important details needed to form a persuasive argument for a government project.   How could that television show give anyone a better idea why or why not this issue is worth shutting down the federal government.

I didn’t think it would.  But then I had that opinion before last week’s reality television show.  And remember.  I didn’t watch.  For those who track such things, yep, bias confirmed.  (Just remember what the word at the top of this page means.)

So, we as a nation have a serious problem.  Instead of leadership, we have shutdown.  Instead of America first, we’re watching our leaders put campaign promises and politics first.  While millions of Americans continue to be hurt by a government shutdown, we get some really bad reality television.  

Oh, and Barney Fife said some really funny and stupid things on the show I watched that night.  But, he was a good actor, acting.

Winterama set for Feb. 9

The local celebration of winter is just around the corner.  Winterama is schedule for Saturday, Feb. 9 this year and again features a full day of family events designed to embrace the frozen Lake Minnewaska and our Minnesota winter.

Things start off early (7:30 a.m.) with the Sweati Yeti event at Barsness Park.  Then, the Minnwaska FFA fishbing tournament gets started at 9:30 a.m.  and continues through 4 p.m.

There will be “Shop Hop” specials at local businesses once again and lunch specials at Lakeside.

And, of course, Winterama would not be complete with out the ever popular Polar Plunge.  

We will be doing more preview stories about the annual winter celebration in the coming issues of the Pope County Tribune.  In the mean time, visit Glenwoodandbeyond.org/winterama for more details and to register form some of the events like the Sweati Yeti and the Chili Cookoff.  

Thanks again to city crews

A shout out and thanks to city crews once again.  Last Monday, the temps soared into the high 30s and the city’s streets were filled with slush left behind by the plowed remnants of 15 inches of snow we received on Jan 3-6.  The city crews took the opportunity that day to plow to the pavement during that warm stretch, cleaning up the streets and making it much easier to get around.  Had they not done that, below zero temperatures that followed the warm days would have meant locals driving on ice and frozen ruts on city streets.  Instead, the streets were clear and safe when the frigid temperatures hit.