Amount of snowfall in Glenwood among top in past 45 years 

By John R. Stone

I don’t know how many inches the snowfalls measured in Glenwood this year but I think they are among the top in our 45 years in Glenwood.

Maybe that’s because it isn’t just the snowfall but the weather overall. Usually in heavy snow years we have had a January thaw that caused the snow to settle a little. This year we didn’t have that until a week ago so the snow just kept piling up without settling much. We have lived in our current house nearly 24 years and we have never had the depth of snow that we had this year.

And a full week after the first thaw, even though the snow settled some, there was still 15-18 inches on the ground. I know that because I was still shoveling!

We have a thermostat connected to wifi so that we can check on the temperature in the house when we are not there. It is a handy feature and it brings peace of mind when we are out of town to be able to check and make sure things are working in the heat department.

For some reason it started sending us email reports this year that were kind of interesting. In January, for instance, we received a report that our furnace had run 100 more hours than it had the previous year, roughly a 50 percent increase in hours. We got a similar report for February, which explains the 45 to 50 percent increase in gas bills over the previous year!

I can remember in January I was wondering if that darn furnace was ever going to shut off! I could just see the dollar bills going up the smoke sack. Then I looked outside and decided it was nice to be inside and warm, dollars or no dollars.


A book I have been reading by Bob Schieffer is about Face the Nation, the CBS television Sunday news program over the years.

There was one chapter that was pretty funny. After Fidel Castro took over Cuba everyone wanted to interview him so the Face the Nation folks were right in there trying to get the first interview.

Also on CBS, but on Sunday night, was The Ed Sullivan Show. Sullivan was always pretty aggressive about getting folks on his show, although he mostly was involved with entertainment acts. Unbeknownst to the CBS news crew from Face the Nation, Ed Sullivan was also busy trying to get an interview with Fidel Castro for his show.

This was a tricky deal. They had to fly to Cuba and there were military guards standing around with their rifles. They were pretty suspicious of the folks from the U.S.

So you can imagine how the Face the Nation folks felt when they started talking with Castro and found out that he had already been interviewed by Sullivan! They were pretty surprised.

As it turned out the Face the Nation folks still did all right. Their show ran on Sunday afternoons back then and Sullivan was Sunday night. So they still were on the air before Sullivan’s interview was.


I like to walk and it has been really nice for the past week or so to be able to get out and walk on sidewalks and streets that are mostly dry and not icy. The new sidewalks installed as a result of last year’s street project are really nice and they were clear this year.

Last fall I walked all the new sidewalks in town to try and figure out how many miles of new sidewalks we had. My foot step count didn’t seem to come out right so I drove the new sidewalks to check and see if I was close. At this point I’m between three and four miles of new sidewalk. I’ve got a new GPS app on my phone so I will try again this spring. With the app I can leave out parts where a person crosses streets.

Or the other option would be to go to city hall and look at the diagrams for all the construction on each block. 

It might be easier to walk it!