Minnewaska Area School District

Glenwood, Minnesota 56334




1. Notice is hereby given, that Independent School District No. 2149, Minnewaska Area Schools, will receive written quotations for transportation of its school children, including special education and handicapped students, according to the specification and conditions which may be obtained from the office of the Superintendent of Schools, Minnewaska Area Schools, Independent School District No. 2149, 25122 State Highway 28, Glenwood, Minnesota. Quotations shall be submitted in form and manner contained in the specifications and the conditions. 

2. Quotations must be received in the office of the Superintendent no later than Wednesday, April 5, 2023, at One o’clock p.m. at which time the quotations will be opened and tabulated and distributed to interested parties. Quotations should be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly labeled “Bus Transportation Quote”. No change can be made in the written quotation without consent of the school district. Negotiations will be conducted at such time and place as designated by the school district utilizing such procedures as the school district deems appropriate. 

3. On Monday, April 17, 2023, at Seven o’clock p.m., the school board will meet to evaluate the quotations and act thereon. The school district reserves the right to accept, reject or negotiate any quotation and to make an award for transportation services which is deemed most favorable and advantageous to the school district. If further information is desired, interested persons should contact the district business office, phone (320) 239-4820 Option 6. 

4. Any person whose quotation is accepted may be required to furnish a performance bond in the amount of its Regular Contract quotation, which bond shall comply with the provisions of Minnesota Statutes, Section 574.26. The amount is discretionary with the school board. M.S. 123B.52, Subd. 3. The School District may waive this requirement for suppliers with five or more years of successful transportation experience in a Minnesota School District. 

5. The following specifications are based on the present contract. The school district will use these specifications as the basis for a contract which will be awarded to the supplier chosen to provide future services. 

Dated this Seventeenth day of April, 2023.



Glenwood, Minnesota

/s/ Angie Reichmann


March 6, 13