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The Pope County Tribune has been published weekly since it’s first issue was published in June of 1920. Management of the Pope County Tribune has been in the hands of just four publishers in over a 100-year span.   Edward E. Barsness was the first publisher, from 1920-1955; James M. Kinney was the next publisher, from 1955-1984; John R. Stone published the Pope County Tribune from 1984-2005. Tim Douglass, the current publisher, started as publisher in 2005 and continues today.

The Pope County Tribune is published every Monday at 14 First Avenue Southeast Glenwood, MN 56334, by the Pope County Press, Inc. and entered at the Post Office in Glenwood, MN 56334 as periodical postage.

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MAIL: P.O. Box 157, Glenwood, MN 56334

PHONE: 320-634-4571 | FAX: 320-634-5522

E-mail us at: news@pctribune.com, ads@pctribune.com, or tdouglass@pctribune.com


(Incorporating the Glenwood Herald and Villard Grit newspapers)

Tim Douglass


Tim Douglass has been the editor/publisher of the Pope County Tribune and Starbuck Times since 2005. He is a fourth generation newspaperman. His great-grandfather, grandfather and father all edited and published the Lakefield Standard, a weekly newspaper still published in Lakefield, a town in southwestern Minnesota. Before coming to the Pope County Tribune and the Starbuck Times, Douglass was the publisher of the Granite Falls-Clarkfield Advocate-Tribune for 13 years. Before that he was editor of the Paynesville Press, St. Peter Herald, Jackson County Pilot and was a reporter and photographer for the Lakefield Standard. He and his wife, Kim, have three grown sons-Michael, Thomas and Joseph.

Erika Andreas
Office Manager


Erika Andreas is the Office Manager, Bookkeeper, Circulation Manager and an Advertising Sales Representative at the Pope County Tribune. She is a long time employee of the Tribune (since March 2002). Erika lives in Starbuck with her husband Mike, daughters Mikalyn and Payton, and son Blake. All four keep her very busy. Erika loves traveling, spending time at the lake and whenever she might have a minute to herself, she enjoys reading.

Erica Carlson
Graphic Design | Advertising Sales


Erica Carlson is the Graphic Designer and an Advertising Sales Representative here at the Tribune, since December 2013. She grew up in the Glenwood and Starbuck area and currently lives outside of Starbuck with her husband, Jake, and their three dogs: Bow, Amos and Max. Along with being a graphic designer at the Tribune, she also does freelance design work. She enjoys spending time with family, hunting, fishing, riding horse and being creative.

Emma Nyhammer
Office Assistant | Advertising Sales



Melanie Stegner
News Reporter



Mark Beasley
Sports Reporter


I came to the Pope County Tribune in June of 2007. The Tribune was looking for a sports reporter and took a flyer on a guy with no newspaper experience. I have worked in the Graphic Arts/Printing business for over 30 years, so that experience helped. Attending sporting events was the easy part, learning to use a professional camera took some getting used to. A less-than-busy sports summer
allowed me time to get the hang of shooting sports before the fall high school season kicked into gear. I enjoy watching the local kids play ball, but my favorite is watching the real little kids chase a ball around. It reminds me of my son when he was little. I have two kids, Tim and Grace, both married and living in the Twin Cities. I enjoy umpiring JV baseball. It’s given me a respect for officials in all sports, and the difficulty of doing a good job for the players, coaches and fans. Next time you want to yell at a ref, don’t! Well, at least think first, then yell.


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