Speaking of Sports

by John Fragodt, Sports Reporter

Wow, that was a great Super Bowl game!

At first, I thought they might have gotten the wrong two teams in the Super Bowl this year, but after seeing the game, I think they got it right.

Kansas City had upset Baltimore in the AFC Championship two weeks earlier, while San Francisco came back from a large deficit against Detroit to win the NFL title.

I’ll admit I was rooting for San Francisco, but I really didn’t have a big favorite so I was okay with the outcome.

This year’s Super Bowl was also the most-watched TV show of all time.  Wow!

The Super Bowl game featured everything great about professional football, including exciting plays, hard hits, injuries, controversy and even an overtime.

And, the overtime was a story in itself as this was the first time the new rules for overtime were used in the Super Bowl . . . and a lot of people (including myself) had no idea how it worked.

The halftime show was also amazing.  I really couldn’t have told you more than one or two songs of Usher, but he put on one of the best halftime Super Bowl shows I’ve seen.  And, Reba McEntire performed one of the best National Anthems I’ve heard.

Yes, sometimes Super Bowls are overblown and they end up to be a waste of time, but this year’s Super Bowl turned out to be a great 4-5 hours of entertainment.

Did it take that long . . . yes it did!