•Increasing costs at PDSW cited as the reason for increase

By John R. Stone


Due to rising costs incurred by its provider, the Glenwood City Commission approved an 8.2 percent increase in city garbage rates at its regular monthly meeting last Tuesday.

Don Williamson, representing West Central Sanitation, appeared before the commission to make the request. He said that the largest reason for the adjustment is that Pope-Douglas Solid Waste, the ultimate destination for Glenwood’s garbage, has increased its charges for accepting solid waste.

Williamson explained that incinerator operator has increased disposal rates four percent each of the last two years resulting in an 8.2% increase for West Central. 

The city has been contracting with West Central Sanitation for a number of years with the most recent 5-year contract period starting Jan. 1, 2022. The contract allows rate adjustments during the contract with commission approval. The commission approved the request which will take effect within the next month or two, depending upon whether or not the adjustment can still  be made for next month’s bills.     

Sewage plant 


The City of Glenwood was notified in late March by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency that its sewage treatment facility was being honored for “outstanding operations in 2023.”

The MPCA monitors 1,600 municipal and industrial waste facilities and last year the MPCA reviewed a total of 767 facilities, from communities of all sizes, with 253 qualifying for “outstanding operation” recognition.

“Tait Blair and Gary Koubsky work diligently at the wastewater treatment plant to ensure we meet all the required limits and be sure wastewater is treated properly before being disposed of,” said Glenwood Public Works Director Andy Jergenson.

Glenwood’s wastewater system collects the city’s effluent at a pumping station on 6th Ave NW in Glenwood. From there it is pumped uphill to a series of ponds covering 90 acres of land east of Glenwood for treatment. Once treated the effluent is used for agricultural irrigation.

Hearings held  

The commission also conducted two hearings, one for a short-term rental permit and another for variances for a new structure in the city limits.

Sarah Grew was granted an interim use permit to operate a short-term rental property at 210 North Lakeshore Drive. The planning commission had recommended a couple of improvements to make the property compliant and Grew said she had completed those improvements. The commission approved the request.

Robbie Hyland sought a variance to build a 40×68 building on land owned by his parents on 10th Ave. NW. The building would include a heated shop. The property on which the structure would be located was 8.8 acres and the structure would be 210 feet from the closest property line. The variances requested were for 16-foot sidewalls rather than nine foot and 10-foot doors on the structure rather than eight foot as specified in the ordinance. The commission approved the variances.

In other action the commission:

• Approved sending a request through the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office tor reimbursement for the 2024 presidential primary costs.

• Approved March expenditures in the amount of $310,134.90 and April expenditures of $185,348.50.

• Heard that the meeting of the Board of Appeal and Equalization would be held April 17 at 5 p.m. in city hall chambers.