The Minnewaska Rotary Club’s first annual Cash Bash attracted nearly 200 people to Minnewaska House Brewing Co. + Grill on Saturday evening, March 23.

Those attending purchased raffle tickets or were there to play games for the chance to win prizes.

The main raffle for the event featured 200 tickets and all of them were sold about a week before the drawing.  Of the 200 there were 10 who finished in the money.

Clayton Rasmusson, of Hancock was the grand prize winner of the $6,000.

Other winners were Michael Holland of Glenwood, $150; Ann Stensrud of Glenwood, $150; Dave Benton, of Glenwood,$150; Alice Feichtinger of New London, $250; Lynn Staples of Starbuck, $300; Will Mangen, $350; Laura Johnson of Glenwood; $450; Kim Douglass, $700; and Mary Kuhn, $1,500.

The drawing was done in reverse with the last ticket remaining being the $6,000 grand prize winner. 

The event was a Rotary fundraiser and all the proceeds will be donated to specific projects at Glenwood, Starbuck, Lowry, Villard and Long Beach. Marthaler Chevrolet of Glenwood was the top (Platinum) sponsor for the event and above Reggie Proulx of Marthaler Chevrolet was asked to pull the winning ticket.  

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