Owners have ended the Starbuck DQ franchise, but will be opening an independent hometown ice cream shop at the same site, it was announced on a FaceBook post last week.

“We’re proud to introduce you to Shirley’s Treats & Eats, the post from new owners Nathan and Carrie Brecht stated. “Nathan and I will be taking ownership in the next week. In our process of purchasing the Dairy Queen we learned that there were significant changes Dairy Queen corporate would require of us (no more homemade BBQ among other things). Together with the Andersons we made the decision to end our DQ franchise and re-open as an independent, hometown ice cream shop,” it was stated.

 Rest assured, the menu is nearly unchanged, according to the post.  

“You can still get all of your favorite treats (including BBQs) and we’re excited to add some fun new menu items in the future. We have loved our time as a DQ franchise, but what we have loved most is making memories with all of you, our precious staff and community. We invite you to join in this next exciting chapter of our special little ice cream shop.”

A note about the new name and logo: “Shirley changed my life when she hired me 38 years ago. She shared her faith with me and taught me the value of serving others. It makes me incredibly happy to see her face in our new logo. We hope it makes you happy too,” said Carrie Brecht in the post.  

The goal is to open Shirley’s Treats & Eats the week of April 15, it was stated.